Buffalo Sweet Shops

4 STOPS | 37 MILES | 1 hr 4 min

Famous for chicken wings and, among connoisseurs, beef on weck, Buffalo also happens to be a confectionery city of the highest order. Family-run sweet shops, large and small, temper cocoa butter, whip up marshmallow sauce from scratch and create unique signature candies. In the capital of what local chocolatier Dean Tassy refers to as The Sponge Belt (Syracuse to Erie), sponge candy is only one chocolate grail among such pieces de resistance as cashew-crowded Charlie Chaplin logs, creamy-crunchy stolen havens, molasses pops, nut barks and non pareils. Nearly all of the city’s destination candy stores also host ice cream parlors that serve the most aristocratic sundaes, which western New Yorkers know as frappes.


Parkside Candy

Built in 1927, Buffalo's Parkside Candy is a beautiful temple of sweets. Sundaes, sodas, egg creams are all fine; and the candy selection is staggering.

Must Eats

Mike’s Candy Shop

Of Buffalo's many great candy shops, Mike's is among the best. Sponge candy is superb, as are the city's unique Charlie Chaplins, made with fresh marshmallow.



Buffalo's best chocolatier, Alethea's also is a great ice cream parlor with an array of homemade toppings, fresh whipped cream, and crisp nuts to top sundaes.


Condrell’s Candies & Ice Cream

Condrell's sundaes are a Buffalo best: house-made ice cream and toppings, fresh whipped cream, and crisp toasted nuts. Plus fantastic chocolates of all kind.