Birmingham, Alabama’s Best

33 MILES | 54 min | by Michael Stern

For barbecue, Birmingham is hard to beat. Roadfood favorites include Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q and Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q. It also is a great breakfast city, including blue-plate classics at Fife’s and artisan pastries with fancy coffee at the Alabama Biscuit Co. As a primary distribution center for southern vegetables, “The Pittsburgh of the South” (so nicknamed for its steel industry) boasts a few cornucopia-like cafeterias with literally dozens of good side dishes, Niki’s West being our favorite (for fantastic pies and puddings, too). A great eating day in Birmingham concludes with dinner at Bessemer’s Bright Star, a grand old dining room where seafood is impeccable, steaks are mighty, and desserts are outlandish.



Lunch and dinner are served cafeteria style, but it's table-service breakfast that has made Fife's a Birmingham, Alabama, best bet.


Alabama Biscuit Co.

Sophisticated, understated biscuit bakery and coffee bar, Alabama Biscuit Co. is a Birmingham restaurant best-bet for breakfast, lunch, or coffee an'.


Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q

Miss Myra's is the place to go in Birmingham for BBQ pork plus smoky chicken covered in unique north Alabama white sauce. Banana pudding is world class!


Niki’s West

Niki's West is a Greek-accented cafeteria near the Birmingham farmers market. Specialties are seafood an a fantastic selection of Southern vegetables.

Must Eats
macaroni and cheese , banana pudding, Fried Okra , Coconut Cream Pie , Fried Green Tomatoes

Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q

Bob Sykes is one of Birmingham, Alabama's most esteemed BBQ parlors (since 1957). Fabulous pork, but do save room for meringue-topped lemon pie.


Bright Star Restaurant

Comfortable, hospitable and middle-class classy, the Bright Star Restaurant (Alabama's oldest) is a beacon of great seafood and steak cooked with a Greek flair.