Best of Western New York

9 STOPS | 148 MILES | 3 hr 28 min

Of the many eating tours has sponsored to delicious destinations around the U.S., one of the happiest was a restaurant crawl through Rochester and Buffalo, New York. Here are edible treasures found nowhere else and, of course, wings galore. This eating tour stays close to that tour’s itinerary of favorite upstate Roadfood sources.


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur BBQ began in Syracuse and has multiplied. The food that made it a hit seems every bit as good in the offshoots, including this one in Rochester.


LDR Char Pit

Rochester, New York. Thin-cut steak is cooked 30 seconds on each side. The result: a seasoned, lean, utterly delicious steak sandwich that belies its low cost.


Nick Tahou Hots

Nick Tahou is a Rochester, New York legend for its "garbage plate" -- the best sort of kitchen-sink meal that will challenge the most voracious appetite.



Schwabl's is a tavern restaurant that serves that great Buffalo specialty, beef on weck, at its best. It just might be America's #1 roast beef sandwich.


Ted’s Hot Dogs

Ted's is a Buffalo, New York, treasure, its charcoal-grilled hot dogs with hot sauce, a side of O-rings, and a loganberry a great American meal.



Buffalo's best chocolatier, Alethea's also is a great ice cream parlor with an array of homemade toppings, fresh whipped cream, and crisp nuts to top sundaes.


Anchor Bar

The original home of the Buffalo chicken wing, the Anchor Bar is an essential stop on any foodie eating tour of the Nickel City.



Duff's is a Buffalo wing-dedicated eatery with legendary sauce: a viscous orange substance that is hot, tart and salty, clinging to wings in thick billows.


Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Year-around, Anderson's serves superb custard that is soft and creamy and rich. No indoor seating at this location in Buffalo.

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