Banana Pudding at its Best

1124 MILES | 17 hr 35 min | by Michael Stern

It would be crazy to travel through the South and eat only banana pudding, but every place that serves it at its best precedes it with an excellent well-rounded meal, whether barbecue, meat-and-three, or cafeteria cornucopia. So, while every meal on this tour ends with four-star banana pudding, the variety of what comes before and the type of restaurant you’ll be eating in are as broad as the South itself.


Elliston Place Soda Shop

A soda shop and meat-and-three lunch room, Elliston Place serves a full Southern repertoire from country ham and biscuits to fried chicken and delightful lemon icebox pie.

Must Eats
country ham , biscuits, chess pie, milk shake, Burgers and fries, Ham & Egg Biscuit , Grilled Cheese Burger, Banana Pudding , Key Lime Icebox Pie

Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Arnold's is one of the best restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee, for a meat and 3 meal, from fried chicken and veggies to chocolate pie and banana pudding.


Loveless Cafe

The Loveless Cafe is the quintessential country-western eatery: wood-paneled walls, red-checked tablecloths, waitresses with sweet mountain accents, and out-of-this-world downhome vittles that include fried chicken, country ham, and biscuits served with the Loveless's legendary preserves.

Must Eats

Galax Smokehouse

A big, family-friendly BBQ, Virginia's Galax Smokehouse is known for delicious pork ribs and beef brisket as well as for secret-ingredient banana pudding.

Must Eats
Banana Pudding , Brunswick Stew , Medium Spareribs (6)

Big Boy’s Smokehouse

One of the best BBQs in South Carolina, Big Boy's is a casual restaurant serving ribs, pulled pork, chicken, turkey wings, even first-rate beef brisket.


Niki’s West

Niki's West is a Greek-accented cafeteria near the Birmingham farmers market. Specialties are seafood an a fantastic selection of Southern vegetables.



Martin's serves southern-style meat-and-three at its best: fried chicken, baked chicken, vegetables galore, plus pies that are the pride of Montgomery, Alabama.