The Best Barbecue in Augusta

5 STOPS | 37 MILES | 1 hr 1 min

Augusta, Georgia, is a destination city for anyone who loves Deep South barbecue. That means pork, hereabouts served with hash on rice and greens or — glory be! — in a Perry’s Pig sandwich topped with crunchy cracklins. Cleve Edmunds has been doing it right for 60+ years. Leading sources range from very humble (Freeman’s and Dennis’ BBQ) to theme-park grand (Sconyer’s).


Cleve Edmunds’ Bar-B-Que

Everything on the traditional Central Savannah River Area BBQ menu is done right at Cleve Edmunds', including chopped pork, ribs, chicken, and hash on rice.


Dennis’ BBQ

A small, out-of-the-way Augusta BBQ where most business is take-out, Dennis' makes crisp-skinned chicken, meaty ribs, and aggressively spiced hash on rice.


Freeman’s Bar-B-Q

A third-generation BBQ serving superb South Carolina-style 'cue, Freeman's has ribs, chopped or sliced pork, and chicken -- all with wickedly flavorful sauce.


Perry’s Pig

At this hidden Augusta BBQ, chopped pork sandwiches are garnished with succulent bits of crisp cracklin: one of the great smoke-pit sandwiches anywhere.



In Augusta's landmark BBQ theme restaurant, well-mannered BBQ is served by friendly waitresses in peasant garb. Sconyer's is huge, as are its portions.