Seafood and Sea Views: Road Trip Down the Oregon Coast

12 STOPS | 163 MILES | 4 hr 10 min

Road Trip Overview

A Road Trip down the Oregon Coast Scenic Byway is one of the most beautiful stretches of roads anywhere, and also happens to be one of the most delicious. Aside from the good eats along the way, you’ll also enjoy an amazing road that “winds by estuarine marshes, clings to seaside cliffs, passes through agricultural valleys, and brushes against wind-sculpted dunes. Charming small towns, museums, state parks, overlooks, historic bridges, and lighthouses ensure a delightful journey.”


This drive will begin in a the northwestern town of Astoria, Oregon with two very unique restaurants. One serves food from a boat and the other is home to gluten-free Fridays, cloth napkins and non-disposable flatware.

  • Serving food from an old fishing boat, Bowpicker, doesn’t have an inside accessible for patrons. It does, however, serve one of the best fish and chips plates we have ever had, made from albacore tuna.
  • With some of the best pastries anywhere, including chocolate bubka cupcakes, chocolate gingerbread and chocolate chip applesauce cake, the Blue Scorcher Bakery Café is worth the detour.

The Way to Newport

The drive from Astoria to Newport is just under three and a half hours. Luckily, we have found six fantastic restaurants for you to try along this drive. With stops in Cannon Beach, Seaside, Nehalem and three other towns, this is a beautiful scenic drive down the western coast of the country in the Beaver State.

  • With two different locations a few yards apart, one a coffee shop and bakery, the other a sit-down restaurant, Pacific Way Bakery & Café is a great stop. Although both offered good food in their respected areas, we preferred the coffee shop whose first-rate pastries really stood out.
  • On the coast of Oregon, ordering the seafood at Norma’s Seafood and Steak was an obvious choice for us. We tried both the Dungeness crab and petrale sole, which was in season when we ordered it, both were wonderful.
  • All the seafood served at Ecola Seafoods Restaurant & Market is caught by the restaurant, for the restaurant. It can’t get any fresher than that! The fish and chips was fantastic, the only problem was deciding which fish to have.
  • Leaving Cannon Beach we got a tip that Wanda’s has “the best huevos rancheros you will ever eat.” Although they weren’t as good as some near the border, they were the best within 1000 miles of the location.
  • Serving nearly everything oyster, the Fish Peddler at Pacific Oyster is definitely worth a stop. Being part of an oyster processing plant, there is no question that the food is fresh.
  • Nationally recognized for it’s great pies, the Otis Café also offers fantastic BLT sandwiches and sourdough pancakes.

Fishing Around Newport

Home to great views off the coast and giant murals on the historic bayfront, Newport is also known for their outstanding seafood. We visited two places that couldn’t be more different. From one of the most cutting-edge and high-priced seafood locations to a crab house that lets you bring in your own fish for them to smoke, experience these two fantastic restaurants in Newport, Oregon.

  • Local Ocean Seafoods serves some of the best seafood in the region in a region known for having excellent seafood. On top of this they offer sensational desserts such as a lemon shortcake covered in local berries and whipped cream.
  • Bringing in fresh fish daily, South Beach Fish Market is home to many must try dishes. The fish and chips and chowder were standouts.

Yachats and Fishing Boats

We get that you may be getting tired of seafood at this point of the trip but there is one seafood more restaurant you must try, as well as a coffee shop. While in Yachats, there are many attractions, such as Cape Perpetua, a great lookout down the coast, and many beaches tidepools down by the water that are great for exploring.

  • Owner of both the F/V Liberty II, a fishing boat, and Luna Sea Fish House Robert Anthony serves what he catches, halibut, crab, salmon, and albacore, as well as other seafoods. The Luna Sea Omelet was an outstanding dish, we recommend it.
  • The amount of coffee stands and shops in the Pacific Northwest is outrageous. That being said, Green Salmon offers some of the best we have come across. They also have outstanding pastries to go along with your drink.


Bowpicker is a landlocked Oregon fishing boat serving just one thing: fish and chips. It is albacore tuna in a beer batter crust. Maybe the best anywhere.

Must Eats

Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe

A worker collective restaurant with high-minded principles, Blue Scorcher serves wonderful pastries, good Oregon coffee, and a seasonal-local vegetarian menu.


Pacific Way Bakery & Cafe

2-for-1: Pacific Way is a casual coffee house with world-class pastries and an adjoining restaurant with eclectic Oregon seafood and creative pizzas.

Must Eats

Norma’s Seafood and Steak

An Oregon coast restaurant with excellent seafood, Norma's makes especially good crab Louis. Also: yummy local sole and a large variety of fish and chips.


Ecola Seafoods Restaurant & Market

Ecola is a no-frills seafood market & restaurant in Cannon Beach, Oregon, serving fish & chips, Dungeness crab & salmon caught by the Ecola boat.



Wanda's is Nehalem, Oregon's friendly, comfort-food restaurant that bakes its own pastries and serves a famously good plate of huevos rancheros. Interior decor is wall-to-wall retro-kitsch.


Fish Peddler at Pacific Oyster

Primarily a wholesale oyster operation, Pacific Oyster's Fish Peddler Cafe offers bivalves raw or cooked, plus local crab and cheese sandwiches.


Otis Cafe

The Otis Cafe is a tiny Oregon cottage that serves large breakfasts and mighty sandwiches for lunch. The bread is homemade as are superb pies.


Local Ocean Seafoods

The best seafood restaurant in Newport, Local Ocean throbs with good vibes. Great counter seats provide a view of the bustling open kitchen.


South Beach Fish Market

An eat-in-the-rough seafood market and casual roadside cafe on the Oregon Coast, South Beach serves some of the best fish and chips and superb onion rings.


Luna Sea Fish House

None of the seafood at Luna Sea in Yachats, Oregon, is farmed; all of it was recently swimming. There is none better on the coast.


Green Salmon

Enticing as its coffee is, it's Green Salmon food that wins fans in Yachats, Oregon: superb pastries, hot cereals and egg sandwiches far beyond ordinary.