America’s Byways: Iowa’s Loess Hills Scenic Byway

127 MILES | 2 hr 14 min | by Michael Stern

America’s Byways® are a collection of 150 National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. The Department of Transportation describes the Loess Hills Scenic Byway through westernmost Iowa as “truly an American treasure.” The trip from Omaha, Nebraska, to Sioux City, Iowa offers Roadfood adventurers a bevy of unique local eats.


Johnny’s Cafe

Johnny’s has been Omaha’s steak house since 1922, a grand-scale restaurant where beef is king: steaks, chops, ribs, liver, even, on occasion, tongue or ox tail.


Shirley’s Diner

Shirley's is a heartland cafe serving the unique Nebraska cheese frenchee: a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in corn flake batter and deep-fried.


Joe Tess’ Place

Joe Tess of Omaha sells deep-fried carp, crusty and moist. Have it with crunchy disks of fried potatoes -- one of the best Roadfood bargains anywhere.

Must Eats

Miles Inn

In Northwest Iowa, taverns (loosemeats) are more popular than burgers. They're at their best at the Miles Inn, which calls them Charlie Boys.


Tastee Inn & Out

Tastee Inn & Out is a drive-in serving the northwest Iowa beef sandwich known as a loosemeats, plus delicious fried onion chips with creamy dipping sauce.