Wuksachi Lodge Dining Room

Review by: Marvin Nakashima

“Where to eat?” is a frequent Roadfoodies query. For Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks the answer is Wuksachi Lodge Dining Room in Wuksachi Village in Sequoia National Park. What’s to commend about this establishment?

The chef attempts to use fresh seasonal ingredients, is innovative, and does this while having to cater to the taste of children (i.e. grilled cheese, pb&j, pizza, hot dogs and burgers). In addition, the alternative choices of eateries in both Kings Canyon and Sequoia are fast food or delis.

Salad is the star here. Spring greens and spinach are the principal greens and, best of all, the kitchen tosses the salads in their savory vinaigrettes ensuring that all ingredients are thoroughly coated with the dressing.

Entrees are tilted toward meats, but vegetarian options include pasta and portobella dishes, and for fish you can have red mountain trout (from Idaho) and mahimahi. The filet mignon, BBQ tri-tip, and ribeye were uniformly tender and light on the accompanying sauces to permit the flavor of the meats to be tasted.

Desserts, with exception of creme brulee, were chocolate based (i.e. fudge cake, cheesecake, and mousse).

The wine list featuring California bottlings is fine given where the restaurant is located. A bottle of semi-sweet Viognier was refreshing. The bartender does a good mojito and a dazing New England ice tea.

Reservations are recommended if you are not a guest at the lodge, since their guests get seating preference over walkups.

Because of our satisfaction with the dinners, we decided to try their buffet breakfast. You have a choice of a continental (cereals, bagels, Danish, yogurt, etc.) or full (continental + eggs, bacon, sausage, omelets) breakfast.

In conclusion, this restaurant is a welcomed respite after a day of hiking in the park.

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