Wilson’s Real Pit Barbeque

Review by: Michael Stern


Are you marooned in southwestern Connecticut and craving St. Louis ribs, Texas brisket, or North Carolina pulled pork? Wilson’s Real Pit Barbeque, a tiny joint on the Post Road in Fairfield, is a good place to go. While its slogan is “Bringing the South…North,” the menu includes barbecue dishes from around the country along with a panoply of such soul-food sides as collard greens and cornbread and peach cobbler for dessert.

It’s the real deal. Nothing I’ve tasted at Wilson’s eclipses barbecue in its natural habitat, but the big shreds of pulled pork are velvet-soft and elegant as pulled pork ought to be; the sliced brisket is redolent of smoke flavor; collards and mac ‘n’ cheese are exemplary. While the food is a worthy ode to America’s barbecue bounty, it should be noted that prices reflect the urban Northeast. A full meal, including drink and dessert, can easily reach $30.

Open only Thursday through Sunday, the restaurant is minuscule and almost always extremely crowded. Take-out service is quick and easy.

What To Eat

Rib Slab

2 Meat Plate

Macaroni & Cheese

Collard Greens

Texas Style Sausage


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John Clevenger

October 10th, 2014

10 years ago you couldn’t find decent BBQ in Fairfield County, until Wilson’s came around. Now there are several available options ranging from chains to gourmet (isn’t gourmet BBQ an oxymoron?) but Wilson’s remains the most authentic to the pitmaster vibe. It’s on a busy street corner and there isn’t much parking, but that’s OK since there isn’t much indoor seating either. In the evenings your best bet may be takeout.

Order ahead, since everything is assembled to order and the prep team doesn’t rush. If you can find a seat it’s a friendly and cozy spot, with blues playing over the sound system and they serve beer, so that’s covered. The menu samples from all the key BBQ styles, but the consistent theme is a deep smoky flavor found in all items including the standout Memphis ribs and Texas sausage. The sausage is outstanding: large beef links exuding flavorful juice and offering a black peppery memory of each bite. The ribs are fall off the bone tender and the flavor is again smoky, with a mild scent of the spice rub in the background.


Alan Morringiello

September 26th, 2012

Wilson’s is my go-to for barbecue in Connecticut. I believed it to be one of the best I have ever visited. However, there has been somewhat of a drop-off of late. Still very good, but not great.

The brisket sandwich is the top pick for me. Served with cole slaw on top and paired with the Carolina BBQ (vinegar-based) sauce, it is almost always unbeatable. The pulled pork also rates very highly, with a smokey note that does not disappoint. The sleeper is the burnt ends plate, served with a side. Why this is unavailable as a sandwich is unknown to me, as this is a cut above. Two and three meat combo plates, as well as ribs and chicken, are also available.

Mimi’s Jag (dirty rice), baked beans, and the corn bread are the only sides I have ever tried. All are good. You can try the fries if you must (not for me). Lemonade is good as well.

The negatives: small (very) seating/table area; and the price. You can easily run up the bill for a very expensive lunch without realizing it (credit cards accepted). It is almost always crowded, so Wilson’s is doing it correctly, but you have to weigh what you get against the cost, especially if you travel with a hungry family.


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