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Review by: Michael Stern


“U Need No Teeth to Eat Our Beef” is one of Wilson’s several mottos (another being “U Need A Bib to Eat Our Ribs”), and sure enough, that hacked up BBQ beef is impressively tender. Moist, velvet-soft shreds are interspersed with crusty strips from the outside of the brisket; the flavor is quintessentially beefy, well-salted and fatty. Magnificent!

I did not get a chance to try the ribs, nor barbecued bologna; but I did mix the beef with hot links, which have a great spicy zest and a muscular quality that does require dentition. Another house specialty is Wilson’s smoked potato: a huge spud that is presented splayed open and lightly seasoned, available “plain” with just butter and sour cream, or stuffed with your choice of brisket, cut-up hot links, or bologna.

J.B. Wilson, who opened the place in 1961, passed away in 2004; but it is now run by Amos Adetula, whom the menu describes as “a good friend to J.B. [carrying on] the same values and traditions.” It is now a modern two-room BBQ parlor with wood paneled walls, table service and a counter where people come for take-out orders. Décor includes signs that read, “Our cow is dead. We don’t need no bull” and “The bank and I have an agreement. They will not sell bar b que and I will not lend money or cash checks.”

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Matt Thar

January 26th, 2007

As a “self-proclaimed” expert regarding beef brisket, and after living in Dallas for five years prior to my move to Tulsa, I have to be honest: the brisket from Wilson’s is superior!

The new store at 11th and Harvard is clean, fresh, welcoming and fun! Let’s deal with the sliced brisket. Succulent, tender, and savory are the first three things that come to mind. My friends say the ribs are as good if not better (but why play with bones???) Plenty of tender, juicy perfectly smoked brisket, bread, two awesome sauces (hot and sweet, or you can get a 50/50 blend), crisp tangy pickles, sweet white onion, and the best coleslaw and baked beans that simply add to the experience. You really can’t call the sides “sides”.

Service is happy, quick, polite and funny! Great gals and guys. They know what they need to do to set the hook for a regular revisit. When in Tulsa, GO! This should be as regular as gassing up the car, getting groceries, and dropping your kids off somewhere. It really, really is THAT DAMN GOOD!

I’m going now, and I am not even feeling well, but brisket can cure what nurses can’t… serious beef for the serious carnivore.


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