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A meal at The Willcox hotel is not typical Roadfood. Strictly speaking, it is not Roadfood at all. It is stylish, it costs a lot of money, and while the menu does reflect glimmers of regional flavor — collard greens gratin with that steak? cheese grits with breakfast? — it is not the place to find a representative taste of Central Savannah River Area foodways. It is, on the other hand, a golden opportunity to savor brilliant New American Cuisine in a setting that is historic, romantic, casual but polished.

At mealtime, you have a choice of sitting in the formal dining room, outdoors poolside or in front, or best of all, in the more relaxed lobby bar, where you can get a secluded table but also observe the comings and goings in this grand hotel. Each setting is a different experience, but the menu is the same. Townies tend to prefer the lobby bar not just for meals, but for drinks, small bites, and socializing. It’s a longstanding tradition on Tuesday nights that equestrians gather for an extempore party.

There is no pigeonholing the menu. Many dishes reflect global reach: Moroccan sweet potato soup, Arab-inspired shakshuka, beef carpaccio Japanese style with tempura oysters. On the other hand, some favorite items are American pop-culture icons, but with a twist: waffled mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon, dessert of PB&J made from panna cotta, Concord grape jelly, and peanut butter crunch; a posh S’more that includes chocolate bourbon mousse; an Arnold Palmer cake that mixes tea and lemon flavors in a completely different way. If you are looking for a big, juicy, beautifully grilled and effulgently dressed hamburger or a handsome New York strip steak, this is the place. At Sunday brunch, eggs Benedict are textbook-right, even better when silk-smooth smoked salmon takes the place of Canadian bacon; potato pancakes come “loaded” with smoked cheddar, scallions, sour cream, bacon, and fried eggs.

Among must-eat dishes (other than the fine hamburger) are crisp-sweet-bitter Szechuan Brussels sprouts, featherweight calamari, and big, beautiful scallops with bacon and honey-roasted parsnips. No matter what else you eat, or even if you come just for a drink in the lobby bar, it is essential to have pâté. It is a Willcox signature dish — smooth and organ-plush, some of the best anywhere.

Note: The Willcox is a thriving hotel and spa and is, without doubt, THE place in town to stay as well as to eat. Reservations for a meal are recommended; reservations for lodging are essential. Around the beginning of April when the Masters Tournament is played across the river in Augusta, rooms get booked a year in advance.


What to Eat
Willcox Hotel, Hamburger
Angus beef burger with mozzarella, arugula, and romescu
Willcox Hotel, Chicken Liver Pate
Chicken Liver Pate
Velvety chicken liver pâté, enveloped in port wine gelée
Willcox Hotel, Truffle Fries
Truffle Fries
Funky, full-flavored truffle fries
Willcox Hotel, Szechuan Brussels Sprouts
Szechuan Brussels Sprouts
Szechuan Brussels sprouts are fried to a crisp and woven with cilantro, scallions, and peanuts
Willcox Hotel, Scallops
Escorting silky sweet scallops are honey-roasted parsnips, bacon, kale, and cippolini onions.
Willcox Hotel, Calamari
Calamari are ethereal -- tender, crisp, sweet.
Willcox Hotel, Arnold Palmer Cake
Arnold Palmer Cake
Arnold Palmer Cake topped with white tea-macerated blackberries & lemon mascarpone & almond tea crunch
Willcox Hotel, Peach Gazpacho
Peach Gazpacho
Peach gazpacho, with cilantro & a dab of guacamole
Willcox Hotel, Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts
Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts
Intense Kung Pao Brussels sprouts are loaded with nuggets of pork belly candy.
Willcox Hotel, Pork Belly Sliders
Pork Belly Sliders
Brunch: maple glazed pork belly & smoked gouda cheese eggs on buttermilk biscuits
Willcox Hotel, Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips
Huge hunk of fish and truffle fries
Willcox Hotel, Lox Benedict
Lox Benedict
When smoked salmon takes the place of Canadian bacon, eggs Benedict are all the more luxurious.
Willcox Hotel, Parisian
House specialty Parisian is vodka, cranberry, lime, and elderflower liqueur.
Willcox Hotel, Chicken Milanese
Chicken Milanese
Chicken Milanese comes atop rigorously marshaled noodles.
Willcox Hotel, Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw
Asian-accented slaw with carrots and a peanutty-sweet dressing.
Willcox Hotel, Ice Cream Trifle
Ice Cream Trifle
Ice cream trifle, made with vanilla and date-nut bread
Willcox Hotel, Baked Flounder
Baked Flounder
Baked flounder with Carolina yellow rice and chorizo sausage
Willcox Hotel, Pork Schnitzel Fries
Pork Schnitzel Fries
Pork schnitzel fries, adorned with caper-lemon-thyme butter
Willcox Hotel, Salmon Fillet
Salmon Fillet
Fillet of salmon perched atop butternut squash miso puree, topped with Napa cabbage pear slaw
Willcox Hotel, Maple Syrup Steamed Pudding
Maple Syrup Steamed Pudding
Maple syrup steamed pudding lolls in caramelized white chocolate cinnamon cream.
Willcox Hotel, Roasted Duck Breast
Roasted Duck Breast
Caramelized ginger mandarin orange slices accompany a roasted duck breast.
Willcox Hotel, Coconut Custard Cake
Coconut Custard Cake
Coconut custard cake comes with a little mound of cinnamon toast crunch.
Willcox Hotel, Brownie Bite
Brownie Bite
A deep-fried brownie bite is small, but packs overwhelming chocolate flavor.
Willcox Hotel, Beet Fennel Salad
Beet Fennel Salad
Beets, fennel, arugula, red lettuce, orange slices, & white balsamic vinaigrette = refreshing (vegan-friendly) salad
Willcox Hotel, Bread Basket
Bread Basket
Fresh, warm pre-meal rolls
Willcox Hotel, Shakshuka
Shakshuka is eggs poached in tomato sauce.
Willcox Hotel, Shrimp
A trio of large shrimp sided by doots of bacon vinaigrette & little halved tomatoes.
Willcox Hotel, Whipped Feta
Whipped Feta
Crisp-fried zucchini sticks & rugged-textured, gamey whipped feta cheese
Willcox Hotel, Superfoods Brekkie
Superfoods Brekkie
Superfoods Breakfast of quinoa & veggies
Willcox Hotel, Ginger Scallion Chicken Meatballs
Ginger Scallion Chicken Meatballs
Ginger scallion chicken meatballs
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