Wild West Pizzeria and Saloon

Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

The smell of fresh, oven baked pizza will hit you like a brick wall as you step into the Wild West Pizzeria and Saloon of West Yellowstone, Montana. The restaurant is large enough to accommodate parties of all sizes, whether it be a big family in the dining section or a few friends at the bar. We chose to sit in the family-friendly dining area, which has wooden booths, bison head mounts, coyote skins, Native American art, and other Wild West decorations. The host and waitstaff, though quiet and curt, were helpful in pointing out popular dishes.

The menu includes a limited selection of appetizers, a few specialty pizzas, sandwiches, and pastas. A build-your-own pizzas section includes an extensive list of vegetables and meats that will meet the needs of the pickiest pizza lovers. We chose the smallest of the three pizza sizes offered, along with an order of hot wings, garlic bread, and the local favorite lasagna.

The hot wings, though sufficiently spicy, were not our favorite; but the ranch they came with was rich, creamy and satisfying. Our mouths started watering once the entrees arrived and the aroma of the bubbling cheese on the lasagna permeated the booth. Each bite into this masterpiece contained just the right amount of juicy sausage, smooth ricotta, soft pasta, and zesty sauce. A spicier tomato based sauce complimented the rich spinach and flavorful sausage. The pizza was a highlight as well, half Butch Cassidy for the meat lovers and half Doc Holiday for a lighter vegetarian option. The meat-lovers’ local favorite was piled high with barbecue sauce, baked beans, red onions, pulled pork and plenty of room for cheese. The Doc Holiday, topped with an array of veggies and lighter cheese, allowed for more of a focus on the pizza crust and fresh ingredients. The medium thickness pizza base turned into a thinner than expected outer edge, but handled the mounding toppings very well.

If you’re in Montana craving some good old comfort food, settle into one of these wood crafted booths and enjoy a satisfying, warm and cheesy meal.

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Butch Cassidy Pizza

Doc Holiday Pizza


Hot Wings


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