Wiener’s Circle

Review by: Michael Stern

The sign outside declares this place to be home of the char-broiled cheddarburger, and a comely patty of beef it is. But the name is The Wiener’s Circle, a typically Chicagoan bit of culinary word play that lets you know what’s really important. Here are seriously good Chicago-style hot dogs, served in steamy soft Rosen-brand poppy seed buns and topped with flawless condiments.

The major decision to make, dog-wise, is whether you want it boiled or charred. At many of Chicago’s red-hot joints, we recommend boiled or steamed because it yields the plumpest, tautest skin; but here at the Wiener’s Circle, charred is the way to go. Cooked on the grate just behind the order counter, the char dogs get a good crunch from the flames. For us, this rugged tube steak nestled in its super-tender bun is the essence Chicago.

Wiener’s Circle French fries are among the best: crisp and fatty, impossible to stop eating.

Dining is either at counter space inside or picnic tables overlooking Clark Street. Orders are taken and food delivered by one of several gals at the open-kitchen window. “Char Dog!” one calls out to a customer, using what he ordered as his name, then continuing her conversation as the bill is paid by calling him sweetheart, honey, and darling. However, pet names are an exception to the rule of rudeness that prevails. The Wiener’s Circle is famous for a staff that more often speak to customers the way Cubs fans yell at umpires who have made a controversial call.

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French Fries

Char Red Hot

Chicago Dog

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Jason Warren

January 29th, 2004

You can’t go a block in Chicago without seeing a hot dog stand and A Wiener’s Cirlce is one to stop at. Unlike most stands that steam their dogs this place is different that it offers char red hots. Not much for looks or atmosphere step inside and quickly place your order. You won’t get much hospitality but just focus on the coming meal. After picking your choice of condiments grab a stool at the counter with a view of Clark and enjoy the cripsy chargrilled skin of the dog, the softbun and the supporting cast of condiments. And don’t forget the fresh cut fries, served in abundance. For 4ish dollars you will leave plenty full.


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