White Turkey Drive-In

Review by: Michael Stern

Open since 1952, the White Turkey Drive-In is an exemplary Roadfood stop along old US-20. It is a Richardson’s Root Beer stand with seats on high stools where you can feel a Lake Erie breeze and watch the cars cruise past while you dine on true mid-American, mid-century drive-in fare.

The namesake turkey sandwich is the real thing, loaded with shredded meat. No compressed loaf here! You can get a plain one or a “Large Marge,” which also includes cheese and bacon. Beyond turkey, there are double and triple cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and chili cheese dogs.

While only one flavor of ice cream is available – vanilla – the variety of soda fountain drinks and desserts is mesmerizing. Of course there are cones, shakes, and malts; there are sundaes topped with your choice of pineapple, cherry, chocolate, hot fudge, homemade peanut butter, caramel, butterscotch, or blueberry. You can get a black cow (here, a blend of root beer and ice cream ). And the root beer floats are divine, available in sizes from kiddie to Super Shuper, created with a quart of root beer and a quantity of ice cream to match.

What To Eat

Large Marge

Root Beer

Onion Rings


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