Wentworth’s Ice Cream

Review by: Michael Stern

Wentworth’s is open year-around and has plenty of tables and chairs inside, but in our book, it’s a summer place. Out back on the lawn, in the shadow of the Sleeping Giant mountain formation, a wood gazebo and a big round table offer seating where, on a balmy evening or a sunny afternoon, cones and sundaes seem like the only right things to eat.

Place your order inside the front room of this big, Victorian-era house by the side of Route 10 and stand at the counter where you can watch the girls assemble what you want. From a plain vanilla cone to some of the most elaborate ice cream/sauce/mix-ins/whipped cream/chopped-nut assemblages you’ll find anywhere, you cannot go wrong choosing from the Wentworth menu.

The ice cream is rich and sweet but not cloyingly so, and it is available in a vast number of flavors, a couple of dozen at any one time. There is always an “adult flavor,” i.e. Kahlua Heath, as well as a K-9 flavor (vanilla with broken-up dog biscuits!), plus a few “flavors of the moment” listed until the supply runs out that day. One day when we visited, the flavors of the moment were S’mores and chocolate chocolate chip. A few of our favorites are Creamsicle, double chocolate, toasted coconut, coconut Mounds, and strawberry shortcake. The list of toppings is dizzying, including sauces, nuts, sprinkles, and Gummi critters. The hot fudge is superb, as is hot peanut butter; whipped cream is thick and real.

What To Eat

Chocoholic Sundae

Reese’s Sundae


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