Valle Luna

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Valle Luna is a mild-mannered Mexican restaurant – actually three locations in the Phoenix area. Expect colorful, gently-spiced food with robust flavor.

Valle Luna is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I wouldn’t classify it as authentic, as that typically involves tacos made with fresh corn shells rather than deep fried shells. I would, however, classify it as very tasty, Americanized though the food may be. It will please most palates.

What to eat at Valle Luna

Combination platter #1 is what I typically get. It includes a shredded beef taco or machaca taco, an enchilada (chicken, beef, or cheese), and a tamale (green or red), with rice and beans. They also have excellent spinach and cheese enchiladas. Chips and dips are brought prior to your meal.

Though the flavors are all good, the spicing is gentle. I have asked for their hottest sauces, and even so the food is not very hot. So don’t expect heat, but do expect flavor.

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What To Eat



Chips and dips

Machaca (spicy shredded beef)


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Julie Murphree

April 18th, 2007

In the world of Mexican food restaurants in Arizona, Valle Luna ranks average… not bad, but not something to write home about. It commits to the traditional Mexican food items but their sauce does not taste original (seems like it came out of a can) and the food does not have the authentic taste I go for. You need to go to El Charro in Mesa or Los Dos Molinos (three locations in the Phoenix metro area) to really experience great Mexican food.


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