Turoni’s Newburgh Pizzery & Brewery

Review by: Lori Rice

With its cozy booths and tables able to seat large parties, Turoni’s Pizzery & Brewery is a family-friendly local pizza joint. It has a nostalgic feel, thanks to old-fashioned stained glass chandeliers and walls lined with vintage posters and ads.

Turoni’s pizza has a crust that is thin and crisp but with enough strength to hold up under rich house-made red sauce and loads of toppings. Even the House Special, piled with more than six meats and cheeses plus whole pepperoncinis, maintains a crisp bite.

To start, there are garlic cheese toasts, breadsticks, and spinach salad. The salad includes red onions, hard boiled egg, and crisp bacon. What makes it better than your standard version, though, is sweet and tangy warm bacon dressing served alongside.

While ordering a pizza is a must, there is a good variety of hot sandwiches. Especially notable is stromboli, served in a style traditional in this region. A toasted, buttered French bread bun topped with finely crumbled ground Italian sausage gets covered with red sauce, peppers and onions. It’s finished off with shredded mozzarella and served warm so the cheese melts through to the savory sausage. A half order is plenty to satisfy the average appetite.

There are three locations in Southern Indiana. The one in Newburgh is especially spacious, with three different seating sections and a bar for those over 21. Service is relatively fast considering the care that goes into making each pizza.

What To Eat

House Special Pizza


Spinach Salad


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