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The sandwich is an opportunity for culinary exploration. Timmy’s Brown Bag doesn’t seem interested in inventing the next BLT. In this place, three letters are far too few. How about a fried sausage ravioli sandwich with pesto, tomato-alfredo sauce, smoked provolone cheese, arugula and herbed brioche croutons? It could be known as a FSRPTASPAC for short. We were initially skeptical of this monstrosity, but it was a dang good sandwich. Other than fairly basic raviolis, its ingredients are all excellent, and a generous application of sauce absorbs well into starchy pasta and croutons. It certainly is unusual; but once you surrender to the odd textures and complex favors, it goes down happily.

Believe it or not, the fried sausage ravioli sandwich is one of the plainer options on Timmy’s hyperactive menu. Some sandwiches list twice as many ingredients!

Timmy’s understands international flavors. The sandwiches reflect Latin America, East Asia, North Africa and all over Europe. There are riffs on classics from around the world and some creations so perplexing that they could be Martian. For example, Tang powder is one of Timmy’s favorite sandwich seasonings.

Southeast Asia on a roll: peanut satay dresses chicken skewers with sweet chili, peanut sauce, harissa-cucumber slaw, curry spiced Rice Krispies and Key lime-flavored mayo. Sweet meets spicy and creamy meets crunchy. The balance, all calculated, winds up as delicious as it is bewildering. Nearly all sandwiches have a sweet element, a crunchy element, and at least three sauces

The egg salad sandwich doesn’t look all that unusual, but it it is. The eggs are deviled; the mayo is infused with V8 vegetable cocktail; and BBQ potato chips add crunch. Layers of fresh arugula separate the salad from acidic elements, bread & butter pickles, and zesty bacon-onion vinaigrette.

The overboard menu means that there will be something for everyone. There are plenty of vegetarian options; and practically every conceivable protein makes an appearance. You can customize a sandwich however you want, but we suggest not making substitutions. Crazy as they seem, Timmy’s sandwiches are well-designed. Removing an element will distort the unique flavor vision of the chef.

What to Eat
Timmy’s Brown Bag, Fried Sausage Ravioli Sandwich
Fried Sausage Ravioli Sandwich
3-course Italian meal on a roll
Timmy’s Brown Bag, Peanut Satay Sandwich
Peanut Satay Sandwich
Peanut satay sandwich: street food stall on a bun
Timmy’s Brown Bag, Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich
Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich
Deviled egg salad on toast is a virtual picnic basket.
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