The Wyld

Review by: Jess Dawson

Walking up to The Wyld, we first see the yard of picnic tables, bistro lights strung from each side. In the middle, a small wood-paneled house is home to the kitchen, but the seating is all outdoors. There’s a side and back patio, and each spot is better than the next. 

We choose one right on the water looking straight out onto the grassy marshland, birds flying ahead, sun setting. A round of blended painkillers with fresh nutmeg in camper cups kick things off on a spirited note.

Crab chowder features shredded blue crab, bits of bacon, sherry vin, leek hay (which almost tastes like lemongrass) and a sprinkling of garlic croutons that slowly soak up the flavorful broth. All the flavors really sing together.

Shrimp corn fritters are fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. Bits of corn and shrimp are big enough that you know they’re there, but don’t take away from the fritter texture. Habanero honey butter is indulgently glorious.

The local shrimp roll is a delight, stuffed with small shrimp on a butter-toasted bun with tarragon mayo, then sprinkled with chives. It’s creamy but not heavy, and the shrimp is as fresh as it gets. A side of sweet potato fries is a lovely complement.

We also get an order of chicharrones with truffle hot sauce. They could be a touch saltier, but are unique with the truffle sauce. I also dip a few in the chowder: the porous crisps are perfect to soak up the broth.

Chef and owner Tony Seichrist is a lifelong fisherman and hunter, and grew up in an Italian-American family that gave him a great appreciation for food. He earned his cooking chops under a James Beard-nominated chef, and focuses his menu on seasonal, coastal fare. Coupled with the setting, it feels like we’ve found a true hidden gem and wish we never had to leave.

What To Eat

Wyld Painkillers

Local Shrimp Roll

Crab Chowder with Garlic Croutons

Chicharrones with Truffle Hot Sauce

Shrimp Corn Fritters

Wyld Key Lime Pie


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