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In the mountains north of Ventura, California, on a curvy stretch of Route 150 between Ojai and Santa Paula, there lies a beacon of burgers for this area: the Summit. An unassuming roadside stand with picnic tables and a small covered dining room for the chilly months, the Summit serves soup du jour, sandwiches, hot dogs, and chicken strips, but what we sought was their Western burger.

Around these parts, that means bacon, cheese, an onion ring, and barbeque sauce, all crammed in a soft bun with a rather large, hand-formed hamburger patty. The perfect combination of these basic elements—juicy meat, smoky bacon, crunchy onion ring, tangy barbeque sauce, creamy cheese—allowed us to reach burger bliss in one bite.

The Summit is also known for their milkshakes, and we chose the cherry variety: blush-pink, fruity, and not too thick (though they do have an Extra Thick option), it was also scrumptious and the ideal complement to the bigger-than-your-mouth burger. The Summit is an essential stop on the way to Ojai and warrants a trip by itself.

What To Eat

Western Bacon Cheeseburger

Cherry Milkshake

Shredded Beef Taco


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