The Port Drive-In

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First-rate Chicago style hot dogs sided by delicious, freshly brewed root beer or a classic green river make this traditional drive-in a welcome stop.

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Hot Dogs

Root Beer


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Jonathan Maxwell

November 8th, 2007

The Port is one of those places that I literally discovered by accident. What a surprise it was! The only remaining mom-and-pop drive-in in Porter County, they have been there since 1953. You can eat in your car or go inside. Though the dining room is not original, it is nostalgic, complete with 1970s ads and decor.

They serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and root beer. The root beer is made fresh daily, still using the original equipment. The chili dogs are always great at places like this, and so was their version of the Chicago hot dog. They also serve the famous, hard-to-find “Green River.” I didn’t even know they had this until we started to leave, at which point the owner generously gave me one to go. He also had his staff come out and pose for a picture by the sign!

Places like The Port are hard to find, but it’s even more rare to find them with people as friendly as these folks are in Chesterton. Located only a mile off the I-94 exit, if you pay them a visit, you’ll have a very memorable dining experience. I certainly did!


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