The Irish Shanti

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There is only one good reason to visit The Irish Shanti – the Gunderburger. There are multiple Gunderburgers to choose from and half pound regular hamburgers. The basic Gunderburgers are a pound, and are available loaded up with bacon, cheese, or vegetable toppings.

What to eat at The Irish Shanti

The Gunderburger arrives on an entire entree plate. Its just a huge pile of 80/20 Iowa Beef, barely seasoned before being grilled to a medium well. The signature Loaded Gunderburger has grilled onions and mushrooms with lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese. The bun is made in a bakery in Elkader, the beef is from a locker in Elgin, making the Gunderburger locally produced in this beefy section of Iowa.

The Irish Shanti is located in the unincorporated community of Gunder, on Gunder Road winding through the hills of Northeast Iowa.

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