The Fogglifter

Review by: Jess Dawson

Just off the Payette Lake marina in the small town of McCall is a charming corner cafe called the Fogglifter. It was named after local hero, former mayor and aviator Bob Fogg, who flew the mountains and canyons of Idaho for 36 years, earning a spot in the Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame. So it makes sense that the photos and paraphenialia adorning the walls at this cafe are aviation-themed.

The food is eclectic, with a menu that changes a bit here and there. When we go, it’s a chilly September morning and not yet full with what is commonly a line around the block (especially now that everyone’s six feet apart). We get our food to go, but eat it outside at one of the many tables. Fogglifter is on a busy corner, so it’s loud, but a lovely space nonetheless. 

This morning’s winner is the East Indian huevos rancheros, which looks as good as it tastes. Beneath two poached eggs are fluffy white corn tortillas filled with curried lentils and topped with jack cheese. On the side, a pineapple-apple chutney and big dollop of sour cream. The chutney almost tastes like there are caramelized onions in it, too, and it’s heavenly with the tangy sour cream and a bite of runny egg, lentils and tortilla. It’s surprising but so flavorful, each bite better than the last. 

The sausage burrito is medium in size, with a fresh flour tortilla wrapped around soft scrambled eggs, sausage and pinto beans. Each bite is also graced with hash browns and cheddar cheese, sour cream, red salsa and green onions. It’s not revolutionary, but the hash browns bring it all together in bites that almost melt in your mouth. 

We also get a few baked goods. Though it could use a few more blueberries, the blueberry muffin has that good, gooey, almost dough-like texture. The huge slice of coffee cake is from Stacey’s Cakes down the street. The cake itself is not too sweet, and the crumbly topping has a salty kick.

Landgrove Coffee from Troy, Idaho, is strong and hot, and the chai latte sweet with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. The staff is sweet and swift with your order, taking care with each dish. It’s clear this is a beloved neighborhood haunt during all seasons, but I could especially see a cozy morning spent sitting in the corner, at least for a little while. 

What To Eat

Sausage Burrito

East Indian Huevos Rancheros

Coffee Cake

Blueberry Muffin


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