The Cookie Jar Eatery

Review by: Michael Stern

The beverage menu at the Cookie Jar includes coffee and cappuccino, tea and soda pop and hot chocolate and, best of all, milk. Whatever else you like to drink with other things to eat, there’s hardly anything better than a tall, cold glass of milk to accompany the single-minded specialty of this bakery which is, as its name suggests, cookies.

There are big ones and really big ones, pretty decorated ones and plain ones, “Monster” cookies and snickerdoodles. All are baked every day from dough made that day, so if you visit early enough it is likely you will get yours warm. Even in the afternoon, the soft freshness of a Frosted Double Chocolate Chip is irresistible, and the extra-thick Chocolate Drop is tender as a piece of just-made devil’s food cake. There are twenty different kinds of cookie available at any one time; and while most customers get bags of them to go (or have them delivered, or even shipped overnight), it is also possible to eat here.

If have special needs in the way of large quantities or unusual types of cookies with custom decoration or gluten-free cookies, call and discuss what you want with the management. The Cookie Jar is happy to accommodate orders for cookies by the hundred.

What To Eat

Chocolate Drop Cookie

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Peanut Butter Cookie


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Diana Ossana

February 20th, 2005

The Cookie Jar is one of those little clean, well-lighted places you find on the road sometimes, a real gem. They’ve expanded slightly, so now there are more booths for sit-down eating. They truly have some of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten, and believe me, I’ve eaten mine and about a hundred other people’s shares of cookies in my lifetime! The iced sugar cookies are heavenly–soft, not too sweet, and the icing has just a hint of almond flavor. Lunches here are good, too, they bake their own buns for the sandwiches and cook the soup themselves. You can get the lunches to go in a little “box” as well, and they’re so reasonably priced. They now make pies and loaf cakes, which are all excellent, particularly pumpkin. But the true standout is the cookies. Holiday cookies, especially the Christmas cookies, are delicious and they have a wonderful variety–iced, nut, Hershey’s Kiss and butter cookies. You simply can’t go wrong here, whether it’s for a snack or a small meal.


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