Thanh Son Tofu

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Worth driving from anywhere!

Charging all of $3.50 for a hefty and hugely satisfying banh mi sandwich, Thanh Son Tofu is a fantastic bargain. The torpedo bread loaves themselves are worth the trip. Baked in back of the shop, they are fragile-skinned and fluffy-crumbed but sturdy enough to stay intact even when stuffed with ingredients.

About those ingredients: magnificent! We love the basso profundo BBQ pork that is vividly spicy and a wee bit sweet, so perfectly abetted by a bouquet of cilantro. The meatball banh mi is a dazzling contrast of tender, juicy meat with shockingly crisp vegetables. Our friend Kim, who took us here, cautioned that the meatball sub must be eaten immediately, lest the moistness of the meatballs compromise the delicate balance of textures. We had no problem gobbling it up in record time.

As for the tofu part of the story, Thanh Son sells it by the pound from a tofu bar that features such flavors as lemongrass, chili, and onion. They look great, as far as tofu goes, but it’s the amazing banh mis that will have us coming back whenever possible.

What to Eat
Thanh Son Tofu, BBQ Pork Banh Mi
BBQ Pork Banh Mi
Roast BBQ pork radiates radical spices. With crisp veggies in an oven-fresh roll, it's banh mi perfection.
Thanh Son Tofu, Meatball Banh Mi
Meatball Banh Mi
The contrast of tender meatballs and wickedly crisp vegetables makes this banh mi a joy to bite.
Thanh Son Tofu, Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice
Sticky rice is just slightly sweet, just barely edging into a dessert-level treat.
Thanh Son Tofu, Tofu
7 varieties at the tofu bar, including lemongrass, onion, and chili.
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