Texas Pie Company

Review by: Michael Stern

Halfway between Austin and San Antonio, Kyle is an easy hop off Interstate 35, but Jane and I came upon it while traveling FM-150 on the barbecue trail between Lockhart and Driftwood. I guarantee you won’t miss the Texas Pie Company as you drive along West Center Street. Looming over the roof that shades the sidewalk is an immense sculpture of a slice of cherry pie. Behind that, the house motto is written in bright red letters: ‘Life is Short. Eat More Pie!’

If you are just passing through, as we were, the Texas Pie Company makes it easy to eat more pie because the pies it bakes are available not only full-size, but as mini pies. Not wanting to annihilate all appetite, given the fact that we were heading up to the Salt Lick for a smoked-meats blow-out, we limited our selection to just a few pies and a piece of cake. The crusts are terrific – not all that pretty, but fine and savory. Lemon chess pie has a bright citrus flavor with a buttermilk cushion; coconut is supremely toasty, its fleshy white shreds packing full nut flavor; and the pecan halves that crowd the top of pecan pie are rich and sweet and fresh enough to have just come out of their shell. The irresistible cake that day was strawberry: so, so moist and crowned with a heap of fruit-flavored frosting.

What To Eat

Strawberry Cake

Lemon Chess Pie – Individual

Almond Joy Pie – Individual

Strawberry Peach Pie

King Ranch Chicken

Blackberry Pie


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