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On the hunt for Western Massachusetts’ most unique hot dogs, all roads—well, at least Routes 7, 8, 9, and 20—lead to Teo’s of Pittsfield. Specializing in the mini hot dog popular in the Troy/Utica region of upstate New York (Famous Lunch, Hot Dog Charlie’s, and Gus’s, to name a few), Teo’s proves that you can’t eat just one.

Only four inches long, these diminutive dogs pack a wallop of flavor in about three bites. The custom-sized buns, perfectly steamed, nestle each pup snugly. Teo’s offers a meat chili topping as well: a mild, fine-grained sauce that’s so complementary to the wiener’s snap that it seems criminal not to request it alongside a line of mustard.

Though longtime patrons order multiple dogs at a time, we can’t resist Teo’s cheeseburger as part of the experience. What is surely a frozen, pre-formed patty is nothing special by itself, but when grilled with a thick slice of cheese and sandwiched between two pieces of white toast, it becomes truly sublime. The juicy crispness of this thin sandwich ranks favorably with the finest patty melts and hamburg clubs around.

Teo’s is located in the Adams Junction area of Pittsfield, directly across from a huge General Electric plant. Like many establishments of its kind, it’s also a bar where locals congregate for hearty food and lively conversation. A larger side room is intended for family seating, though it’s not uncommon to see kids’ faces illuminated by neon beer signs while sitting with parents and grandparents.

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