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Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

The best way to eat street food in Tijuana, or anywhere really, is to follow the crowds. A busy place is a good sign. Still, the taco scene in Tijuana is so densely packed with hungry locals that dozens of trucks and stands remain perpetually busy. Separating the best from the rest requires a little luck, following your nose, and listening to local advice. The smoky smell of mesquite-sizzling steak and packs of hungry locals led us to Tacos Memo’s.

With a fire grill that sears through thin strips of marinated steak, it is a truck that stays parked in the same spot. If you have trouble finding it, ask directions to “parrot tacos.” The owners keep parrots outside of the truck on most days.

The only tacos offered are asada, but they’re so good that you don’t need anything else. A tell for good street food is a one-item menu. The choice you have is flour or corn tortillas. Either way is good, but we prefer flour, as is the Norteño style. They come smeared with creamy beans before being filled with smoky steak, a stinging chili sauce, and a generous scoop of guacamole. They put us in mind of mini burritos. Custom add-ins include grilled chorizo and crackly pork chicharron. The chicharron takes the taco up a step, both in texture and flavor.

Tacos are presented with unusual care. Were it not not for the plastic wrapped plates that they’re served on, they look almost like they come from a sit-down restaurant. Each is garnished with a charred jalapeño. If you like heat, take a bite. The pepper is a smoky vegetable enhancement.

Locals love the place, although some bemoan the prices at 30 pesos (1.50), instead of the going rate of 22. We say that larger size and better quality meat make them more than worth the extra coins. Two or three makes a nice meal. We advise starting with two, acknowledging that a third likely will follow. 

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Edit Calle Río Bravo 9739 S/N Col. Revolución 22400 Tijuana, Baja California Mexico , (Get Directions)

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Taco Asada con Chicharron

Taco Asada


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