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Tacos and More is a small taqueria. Often the majority of their clientele are Mexican, but they have a mixed crowd.

What should I order at Tacos and More?

The tacos and other items are assembled to order, so the food comes out hot. There is a section of the menu called “Mexican tacos” which has choices such as pollo asado, lengua, carne asada, and several others. These come mostly unadorned, but there is a salsa bar where you can add whatever you like. During the non-peak hours, there may be a metal cover over the salsa bar. If so, you can raise the cover.

You can also get an order of regular American-style tacos with ground beef or chicken in either a hard shell or a soft tortilla. These come with lettuce and white shredded cheese. Sopes, burritos, soups and sandwiches are some of the other menu items. Breakfast is also an option with breakfast plates and tacos available.

Yummy and casual eatery!

Tacos and More is informal and their menu says they are “The Specialist in Mexican Fast Food.” Many people order at the counter, but some folks sit down and wait for someone to take their order. You can fix your own drink at the soft drink machine to the left of the counter. Or you can get cans of Mexican Coke or bottles of Jarritos from the cooler on the right. Homemade horchata is also available.

If you are looking for tasty tacos and authentic Mexican food, Tacos and More is a good place to visit.

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