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I can’t say it better than the Swedish Crown Bakery does: “Our philosophy is never cutting any corners and never doing things the quick and easy way; everything we make is made by the love of our hands and thoughtfulness from the mind.” Amen! That translates to true-butter flavor in every pastry that’s supposed to be buttery, genuine creaminess in the Bavarian cream, crisp nuts, fresh fruits, lighter-than-air meringues, and robust sourdough breads made from house-nurtured starter.

Team Fexy (Jane, I, and Kenny Stocker) descended upon the place early in the morning, so we missed sampling soup, paninis, and sandwiches of wild-caught salmon or organic meat loaf, but we did plow through many magnificent pastries. Best of all was the Swedish version of a German beehive, which is Bavarian cream sandwiched in a couple of wafers of honey-sweetened, almond-flecked puff pastry: so delicate, so rich, so perfect! We swooned over “Icelandic lava” meringues that are a weightless swirl of chocolate and vanilla, and we fought over the last crumbs of a “Spring in Sweden” sweet roll that is faintly laced with strawberry and rhubarb. Cardamom roll, crunchy skorpa toast (like zweiback), kringle, macaroons, coconut-glazed brownies, eclairs, Bismarcks, and caramel rolls: the temptations in this little place are near infinite.

Space, however, is at a premium. With seats for four at a single table in a tiny corner storefront, the Swedish Crown Bakery is barely a restaurant. Nearly all business is take-out.

What to Eat
Swedish Crown Bakery, Beehive
The Swedish version of a German beehive (so named because it is sweetened with honey) is a thick ribbon of Bavarian cream sandwiched in flaky, butter-rich, almond-speckled puff pastry discs.
Swedish Crown Bakery, Spring in Sweden
Spring in Sweden
The pastry known as "Spring in Sweden" is laced with rhubarb and strawberries. Different fillings are used for Summer, Fall, and Winter.
Swedish Crown Bakery, Icelandic Lava
Icelandic Lava
This airweight meringue, a swirl of vanilla and chocolate, is called Icelandic Lava
Swedish Crown Bakery, Cardamom Roll
Cardamom Roll
Pillow-soft, sweet, and fragrant with cardamom, this signature roll will still be warm if you arrive early enough in the morning.
Swedish Crown Bakery, Skorpa
Twice-baked toast, known as Skorpa, is a cognate of zweiback and the Upper Peninsula's Trenary Toast. It is very crisp and just slightly sweet -- a fine coffee companion.
Swedish Crown Bakery, Kringle
Unusual kringle, enriched with cardamom butter
Directions and Hours
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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