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Just as pizza, pastrami, and Virgil’s BBQ are necessary components of every New York trip I go on, Suppenküche is the key to my trips to San Francisco.

What should I eat at Suppenküche?

We always try to plan a SF trip with a Saturday involved, since it’s the only day they serve their special suckling pig in bier sauce.

You can’t go wrong with the rest of the items on the Suppenküche menu! When we are fortunate enough to be in the Bay Area for a few days, we get the venison medallions on a second visit. We swap out the spätzle for potato pancakes, which is always a big win.

It’s time for a new dish to be added to the Suppenkuche mix here. Behold: roast goose in bier sauce with potato pancake and red cabbage. This dish is perhaps even better than the suckling pig, which is saying a lot.

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What To Eat

suckling pig in bier sauce

roast venison in plum sauce

roast goose in bier sauce

Black Forest Cake



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