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Review by: Emily Madsen

I am a person who has had her fair share of lattes, so I speak from experience when I suggest that if you ever are in the Austin, Texas, area, do consider having one at Summermoon Coffee. This quaint cafe is a stress-free setting where you can sit alone to work and meet deadlines or sip coffee on the upbeat patio where dogs are welcome to join their humans in the open air. The cafe has a great location in downtown Austin and the service is quick and pleasant. A stop on the way to work doesn’t take long at all.

Summermoon is known for Moon Milk, which is a mixture of rich, creamy and sweet milk with flavors of vanilla and caramel swirled in. A Moon Milk latte combines the proprietary milk recipe with espresso. My recommendation for a first cup is to get only 1/4 of the Moon Milk, which is very sweet. Aim low and increase it each visit to taste. As for food, there are a few granola bar options and small pastry case at the front; but if you are in the mood for a meal, I suggest looking elsewhere.

The soul of Summermoon is its wood-fired coffee, which is guaranteed to be both 100% organic and Arabica. The coffee is roasted on site and a small selection of bagged beans sells out very quickly. We hear that if you’re lucky enough to visit while the owner is there, sometimes he is willing to sell you one of the larger bags usually reserved only for store use.

Note: the Summermoon location on 1st Street in Austin is the original store. Other Summermoons now are located around Austin, as well as in Buda, San Antonio, and Frisco.

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