Sue’s Grill

Review by: Michael Stern

Sue’s Grill isn’t pretty, inside or out. When you approach on Route 39 at the outskirts of town, it barely looks operational, but for a small neon sign in the window that blinks O-P-E-N. Interior decor does include a couple of artificial wreaths and an American flag, but most of what there is to look at are makeshift signs all around the order counter that warn against using a cell phone nearby because it will screw up Sue’s cash register. A sign on the front door reminds patrons to pull up their pants before entering, and another near the register warns that those who carry beverages outside will not get them refilled.

I pulled up my pants and tucked my phone away and soon discovered that rule-abiding patrons are treated very nicely. Step up to the counter, peruse an extensive menu of burgers and sandwiches, another menu devoted to wraps, and a daily-specials board with more than a dozen items listed. Place your order, pay, and find a seat. You will hear the meal being cooked and/or assembled in the semi-open kitchen. When it’s ready, it is brought to the table on disposable dishware and with plastic utensils.

Hamburgers, which are Sue’s strong suit, need no utensils, although if you get a double, maybe with cheese and bacon and a full complement of condiments, it will require lots of napkins. These are flavorful patties of decent beef, cooked through but nice and juicy. Well dressed, they are lunch-counter exemplars. I’m also impressed by good-quality spuds and other side dishes, including hefty steak fries and actually quite elegant bites of fried okra. The only issue I’ve had at Sue’s is with an oven-baked boneless chicken breast. It is beautifully seasoned, and I do mean beautifully, its surface spangled with a rainbow of zesty coarse-ground pepper and spice; and the meat is moist and good-tasting. But being a thick, hefty breast, it defies a plastic knife. I resorted to tearing off pieces with my fingers. It was yummy!

Rough-around-the-edges it may be, but Sue’s defiantly unpretty mien has a Roadfood charm of its own. This is a downhome diner, and if you like a no-frills attitude, it delivers the goods in abundance. The folks who make and serve the meals are cordial and the food is good. So if you don’t need to be mollycoddled, I suggest you pull up your pants, pocket your cell phone, and give this place a try.


What To Eat

Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Baked Chicken Breast

Fried Okra

Steak Fries


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