Stilesboro Biscuits

Review by: Michael Stern

Roadfood tipster Classclown75 once described the area northwest of Atlanta as the Bermuda Triangle of Biscuits.  It is an apt description if it means that biscuits in this area are like ships in the fabled black hole of the ocean: they arrive at the table then suddenly are gone. Off the plate in a flash. But whereas the original Bermuda Triangle remains inscrutable, there’s no mystery as to why the catheads at Stilesboro Biscuits vanish. They’re that good. If you come to this cute little roadside shack hungry, you easily can make a couple disappear in a quick breakfast.

Unless you choose the sausage-gravy biscuit. One of these big fellas, split and smothered with rich, peppery gravy that is positively loaded with herby chunks of pork sausage, is sure to quell even the healthiest appetite. The pick-upable sandwich biscuits are good size-pillows of baked goodness so luxurious that simply handling one will make fingers glisten. They are lightweight but sumptuously creamy, achingly soft inside their fragile-crisp surface. Among the excellent packages are a fried-crisp chicken biscuit, a country ham biscuit, a steak (chicken-fried) biscuit, a bacon (thick) biscuit, and a non-ferocious red hot sausage biscuit.

Other than biscuits and decent grits, one other memorable menu item is “Lynn’s cinnamon roll.” It is huge, tender, and quite literally wallowing in hot glaze that has a subtle orange twist.

Notes: Stilesboro is breakfast only, open at 7am and closed at 11:30am, Wednesday through Saturday. Seating is minimal, so expect to wait in line, especially Saturday morning.

What To Eat

Sausage Gravy Biscuit

Fried Chicken Biscuit

Country Ham Biscuit

Cinnamon Roll


Stilesboro Biscuits Recipes


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Aunt Bubba

August 13th, 2023

Have seen my Biscuit Bermuda Triangle comment stolen by an AJC writer but I stand by this post…….out of the way but I will still drive here when the need arises~


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