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“The perfect balance of flavors and textures,” is how’s Bruce Bilmes and Sue Boyle described the cheese steak at Steve’s Prince of Steaks in northeast Philadelphia. Unlike steak places that chop their meat into hash on the grill, Steve’s slices it into flaps and sizzles the pieces in the traditional Italian-market way. The meat is not prime cut, that’s for sure, but its flavor is a welcome, oily blast of beefy protein. Combine that with a load of Cheese Whiz and a heap of fried-soft, sweet onions all piled into a chewy tube of fresh bread and you’ve got a picture of cheese steak perfection.

Here are the choices you’ll need to make when you dine at Steve’s: plain steak, cheese steak, pizza steak (with sauce), or steak hoagie (with lettuce and tomato); normal weight or double-meat. If you choose cheese: American, Whiz, provolone or mozzarella. Extras? They include pizza sauce, mushrooms, and house-roasted hot red and green peppers. Dill pickles, relish, cherry peppers, yellow peppers, and hot sauce are available as garnishes. The French fry selection features cheese fries and pizza fries. Soft drinks include birch beer; or you can have a chocolate soda, which is nothing but chocolate syrup mixed with seltzer water.

The dining experience is unequivocal street food. Read the menus posted on the wall, place your order at two different windows (one for sandwiches, the other for fries and drinks, each paid for separately), then dine at the easy-wipe silver counter that runs along the wall.

Steve’s has two other locations: at 2711 Comly Rd. in Philadelphia (215-677-8020) and 1617 East Lincoln Highway in Langhorne (215-943-4640).

What to Eat
Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Cheesesteak
Cheap cheese + cheap meat + aristocratic bread = excellent Philly steak
Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Chocolate Soda
Chocolate Soda
Chocolate soda is just seltzer and syrup.
Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Double-Meat Cheese Steak
Double-Meat Cheese Steak
The double is one hefty cheesesteak.
Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Pizza Fries
Pizza Fries
Pizza fries, gobbed with molten cheese and tomato sauce
Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Texas Tommy
Texas Tommy
Texas Tommy is a split and grilled wiener, with bacon and Whiz.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday10am - 12am
Monday10am - 11pm
Tuesday10am - 11pm
Wednesday10am - 11pm
Thursday10am - 11pm
Friday10am - 1am
Saturday10am - 1am
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Rating and ranking cheese steaks is a Philadelphia obsession, made all the more interesting because styles of steak differ dramatically. Traditional versions are made with thin flaps of meat; a popular alternative is to hack the meat into hash along with onions on the griddle. Then there's the cheese issue: Whiz or provolone? Wit' or…

Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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