Steve’s Prince of Steaks

Review by: Michael Stern

“The perfect balance of flavors and textures,” is how Roadfood’s Bruce Bilmes and Sue Boyle described the cheese steak at Steve’s Prince of Steaks in northeast Philadelphia. Unlike steak places that chop their meat into hash on the grill, Steve’s slices it into flaps and sizzles the pieces in the traditional Italian-market way. The meat is not prime cut, that’s for sure, but its flavor is a welcome, oily blast of beefy protein. Combine that with a load of Cheese Whiz and a heap of fried-soft, sweet onions all piled into a chewy tube of fresh bread and you’ve got a picture of cheese steak perfection.

What to eat at Steve’s Prince of Steaks

Here are the choices you’ll need to make when you dine at Steve’s: plain steak, cheese steak, pizza steak (with sauce), or steak hoagie (with lettuce and tomato); normal weight or double-meat. If you choose cheese: American, Whiz, provolone or mozzarella. Extras? They include pizza sauce, mushrooms, and house-roasted hot red and green peppers. Dill pickles, relish, cherry peppers, yellow peppers, and hot sauce are available as garnishes. The French fry selection features cheese fries and pizza fries. Soft drinks include birch beer; or you can have a chocolate soda, which is nothing but chocolate syrup mixed with seltzer water.

The dining experience is unequivocal street food. Read the menus posted on the wall, place your order at two different windows (one for sandwiches, the other for fries and drinks, each paid for separately), then dine at the easy-wipe silver counter that runs along the wall.

Steve’s has two other locations: at 2711 Comly Rd. in Philadelphia (215-677-8020) and 1617 East Lincoln Highway in Langhorne (215-943-4640).

What To Eat


Chocolate Soda

Double-Meat Cheese Steak

Pizza Fries

Texas Tommy


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John Jacobsen

September 4th, 2007

Steve’s Prince of Steaks is not in downtown Philly, but it is worth the trip out to the burbs to check it out. Steve slices his steak thick (about as thick as a pencil), and doesn’t chop the meat at all on the grill. It goes on the roll flat, and is chewier (in a good way) than the chopped steaks served at Jim’s, Dalessandro’s, and similar places.

Steve’s is currently my second favorite estabishment, after Jim’s. Whenever I go I get the cheesesteak with Whiz and onions, and I make sure to add some of the self-serve shaved pickles up front. The roll is as good as it gets, and my personal favorite in Philly as it is a little crustier than most, and holds up well to the meat they serve.

No beer for sale at Steve’s, but like most places in PA you can get birch beer, which always goes well with such food. Steve’s is clearly modeled after Pat’s (the inventor of the cheesesteak), but in my opinion this is much better.



    January 21st, 2023

    Condiments are no longer available. Haven’t been to Steve’s in 5 years. Prices are to high


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