Starling Diner

Review by: Marlene Steinberg

Ever read about those small neighborhood diners where the characters in your favorite novels eat? Starling Diner feels just that way. Nestled in the middle of a residential neighborhood, Starling Diner is a favorite hangout to all those “in the know.”

They serve the best French toast I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. This Broiled San Francisco Stuffed Toast is a French baguette stuffed down the center with mascarpone cheese and topped with your choice of sauce. I ordered the brandied apple topping and I think the word exquisite describes it perfectly. Preparation, presentation, and taste make the Broiled San Francisco Stuffed Toast my favorite thing on the menu.

Be sure to try the polenta potatoes. They’re worth the trip! Take ordinary polenta, mix it with potatoes and cheese, and it becomes a side dish I want with everything I order.

If you get to Starling Diner early enough you’ll be able to order freshly made lemon curd with your scones. They make it fresh every day and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Be early!

Judging by the way the employees assist you, you’d swear you were being personally attended to by the owner. Makes you feel special.

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Broiled San Francisco Stuffed Toast


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