Stacy’s Smoke Dem Bones Pit Stop BBQ

Review by: Marvin Nakashima


When I first discovered the restaurant it was located on Indian School and AZ-51. The meaty pork ribs with a smoky BBQ bark from overnight smoking were a revelation. However, the last time I visited in the spring of 2011, I didn’t recognize the servers and most definitely the quality of the smoking was down. My first thought was that the server brought ribs that were intended for the next day. As it turned out, the pit master, Stacy, was no longer at the location, having given the place to his wife.

During the spring of 2012, while heading for hike in Cave Creek, a restaurant sign caught my eye. Upon returning I had found the pit master once more. The ribs are served with sauce, a sweetish concoction. I visited March 2013 and they now take credit cards. They also had a band, which unfortunately reduced the space for al fresco dining.

Mr. Wu is correct. Stacy moved back to his original place as described above and renamed the place “Stacy’s Smoke Dem Bones.”. The new website is: http://www.smokedembonesbbq.comPhone number: 602-266-2000. Posted photos of Stacy’s on Indian School in 2012 and present.

Well, Stacy, the pitmaster is no longer associated with this bbq joint. He opened “Stacy’s Smoke House BBQ” at 1234 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ, however that address no loner exists. Apparently, Stacy is a much better pitmaster than he is businessman.

Pitmaster at the renamed “Smoke dem Bones” is Paul Williams. He raved about his brisket, I had room for only the ribs which ere quite good.

If I find Stacy on my next trip to Phoenix, I will post an update. This tale is a true Roadfood story!

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Bob Coulter

January 25th, 2022

Google Maps says it’s permanently closed.


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