S&S Dugout

Review by: Michael Stern

When you sit at the counter and watch one of the S&S men make a roast beef sandwich, you will be astonished at how much beef they pile onto the roll. On top of the thick sheaf of rosy red beef go the garnishes of choice – lettuce and tomato, let’s say – then, on top of that, more roast beef. It is a very big sandwich, and it is very, very delicious. The beef is sliced to order for each sandwich from a freshly cooked, well-seasoned roast; and while there are many other good things to eat at the S&S Dugout, it is this superb sandwich that has caused customers to return time and again ever since the Post Road diner opened its doors in 1950.

The S&S is still run by its original proprietor, Ed Saloomey, who gave the restaurant a baseball name to honor his beloved New York Yankees. While sandwich-making at Ed’s place is now the work of younger men, you’ll see Ed behind the counter working the meat slicer and making sure everything runs the way it should. In addition to four-star roast beef, he makes ham that is also sliced thin and piled high for sandwiches. Both ham and beef are terrific served cold and on a roll with mayo, etc., and both can be had on a hot sandwich, too, with delicious griddle-cooked potatoes on the side. One other essential specialty of the S&S is hand-formed sausage patties – rugged, spicy, and succulent.

The Dugout is a colorful local eatery whose very survival into the twenty-first century, on a busy road along Connecticut’s Gold Coast, is a small miracle for which we give thanks. We came upon it over thirty years ago and even then thought of it as a very old-fashioned kind of hash house with its worn Formica counter always strewn with the newspapers of the day.

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roast beef sandwich

sausage patty


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Frank Tupper

June 14th, 2009

Wow! I live in Greenwich and have been searching for that killer roast beef sandwich for four years. So I took the 15 mile trip and was nervous walking in as I saw some well-done hot roast beef go by with gravy. I made it clear that I was there for the ice-cold rare beef! They were unfazed by my concern and whipped up a mindblower.

This is it folks: the holy grail of roast beef. I tried the pork sandwich fully loaded as well and it too was insane! The woman next to me was going off about the meatloaf. I told the owner that I have been looking for him my whole life. He laughed and said he was glad I found him. He has apparently been doing this for 52 years and took so such pride in my order, micromanaging the construction of the RB sandwich by handing portions of the rare meat over to the preparer a little at time to ensure she completed each layer correctly. What a treat, I’m in heaven!

Apparently the TV camera crews have been there but the owner has chased them away when they asked to see how he makes the beast and pork. I love it!

PS I would not have found this place without Roadfood.com, of which I am now a devoted member!


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