SnoTea Caffe

Review by: Jane Stern

No this is not a misspelling; the place is really called SnoTea. It may correctly be pronounced “snow tea,” but because it serves Taiwanese Bubble Tea thick with globs of tapioca pearls, the locals call it Snot Tea.

SnoTea is a strange little storefront café (Caffe?) in the decidedly unglamorous section of Groton. How a Bubble Tea and Jelly Ice store came to be across from the Big Y Supermarket is anyone’s guess. I did not ask because there was a language barrier between me and the very nice owners while ordering my tea, so I didn’t want to push them any further.

It was a sticky hot summer day and the Bubble Tea was refreshing and well made. Bubble Tea (like liver or Brussels sprouts) is an acquired taste, but if you like it, you will want to make a detour for some here because it is authentically made . You might also order the multiflavored Jelly Ice (an even weirder and thicker globular beverage). Like the Bubble Tea, the Jelly Ice comes in a mind-boggling array of flavors.  I chose green tea and honeydew melon and was very happy.

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Green Tea Jelly Ice

Honeydew Jelly Ice


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