Six Hundred Downtown

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The name Six Hundred comes from the starting temperature of their pizza ovens, 600 degrees F.

What should I eat at Six Hundred Downtown?

We ordered their Mandarin Spinach salad, small New Orleans pizza and small Six Ways From Sunday pizza. It was 7:30 and so they had pretty accurately judged the wait time.

The Garlic Knots were light buttery, garlic little puffs of heaven. They came with a cup of marinara sauce for dipping, but they really did not need anything added. Just lovely!

Our salad arrived next and it was a beautiful presentation of baby spinach leaves, mandarin oranges, candied pecans, raisins and locally produced Blue Jacket Dairy Feta Cheese.

Next came the two pizzas. The New Orleans sauce was a slightly spicy BBQ sort of sauce that paired well with the grilled chicken and smoked bacon. Oregano and basil for the herbs and Mozzarella, Parmesan and Romano for the cheeses. The crust was perfection. This is indeed a pizza for the meat lover.

The Six Ways From Sunday pizza is constructed with garlic, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, baby spinach, Roma tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese and the Blue Jacket Dairy Feta. The crust was golden and delightful.

We ate there on a Wednesday night. We arrived just after 6:30 pm and were told it would be about a 50 minute wait. They have a bar area, with a couple of tables and seating for 4 at the bar. My partner had a glass of the house rose wine and I had a pint of draught Yuengling Lager. The rose was a nice semisweet wine and the lager was served up nice and cold. I followed the Yuengling with a bottle #9 from Magic Hat, which was also served cold.

Where is Six Hundred Downtown?

The location is a newly renovated former department store in down town Bellefontaine, OH. It is directly across from the Logan County Courthouse. The facility seats more than 120 and is nicely decorated with framed advertising posters for various Italian food products. The renovations were well done including the restoration of the old ceiling, which is either stamped metal or plasterwork. Booths and tables seemed comfortable and many have a view into the kitchen with it’s brick ovens.

The wait staff was pleasant and attentive. Six Hundred Downtown is owned and operated by 4 time World and 3 time US Pizza Champion Michael Shepard. For more information about Michael see their web site or Google him.

*Original Contribution by Bruce Friend*

What To Eat

Garlic Knots

Madarin Spinach Salad

New Orleans Pizza (small)

Six Ways From Sunday Pizza (small)

Pepperolli with cheese


Six Hundred Downtown Recipes


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