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Worth driving from anywhere!

Sea Basket lobster stew is exquisite. Milk-rich but not thickened or heavy, it is loaded with hunks of knuckle, and claw meat and has a glistening butter slick on top. It is the sort of rich, refined dish you’d expect to eat from a Staffordshire china bowl with a silver spoon, but the bowl here is Styrofoam and the spoon is plastic.

Fish and clam chowder are similarly excellent; and the baskets of fried shrimp, clams, and haddock are all fresh and crisp. Sea Basket scallops are especially delicious – sweet, tender, and veiled in a crust that virtually melts when bitten. We also like the lobster roll, which is filled with never-frozen pieces of tail, claw, and knuckle meat bound in just enough mayonnaise, but is made, oddly enough, in a sturdy bun similar to what you’d use for a hero sandwich. In our opinion, the bread is too much a presence, its substance detracting from the delicate taste and texture of the lobster it contains.

The Sea Basket offers a broad selection of whoopie pies — thick, soft chocolate cakes surrounding white sugar filling, as well as such variations as raspberry crème whoopie pies made with white cookies, peanut butter cream whoopie pies, and thin-mint whoopie pies (“tastes just like one!” a sign boasts).

Sea Basket is a neat and tidy functional roadside café, outfitted with laminate booths and tile walls. Service is eat-in-the-rough style: place an order and wait for your number to be called. Nutritional worrywarts will be happy to know that the menu includes a “Heart Smart” category with crispy chicken salad, a hot baked potato (with sour cream and butter!), and soup with a toasted garlic roll.

Note: Sea Basket closes in January and February, and it is always closed on Tuesdays.

What to Eat
Sea Basket, Lobster Roll
Lobster Roll
Here is one instance where a high-quality bun actually detracts from the goodness of a sandwich. The lobster salad inside the bun is excellent, but the muscular character of the good roll in which it is served overwhelms the delicacy of what's inside. Still, the quality of the lobster is beyond reproach.
Sea Basket, Lobster Stew (bowl)
Lobster Stew (bowl)
Don't let that cheap Styrofoam cup fool you: this is a high-class bowl of lobster stew, rich as Rockefeller.
Sea Basket, Whoopie Pie
Whoopie Pie
Sea Basket offers three different flavors of whoopie pies: raspberry cream, peanut butter, and the standard devil's food cake and marshmallow like this one.
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Sunday11am - 7pm
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Saturday11am - 7pm
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