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Shrimp trucks are especially common on the north shore of Oahu. However, the best we found is actually on the island of Kauai. Savage Shrimp is housed in a “used to be bright green” truck and is right outside Poipu beach at the intersection of Lawai and Hoonani under a big tree.

What should I eat at Savage Shrimp?

There are only two dishes on the menu. Both are shrimp and both are fantastic. I suggest if your party is two or more, you order at least one of each. First is the straight up garlic shrimp. This is a very simple dish of oil, garlic chunks and spices. The garlic is plentiful and that is all that is needed. The second dish, Bahia, which is a Brazilian style shrimp, is sautéed in coconut milk and various spices (think Thai). This is just as good as the garlic shrimp and the sauce goes great with the sticky white rice served with both dishes. Both also come served over a fresh slaw which provides a good crunch.

Seating is limited to one table and a few chairs under the nearby tree. So most people get their order to go and enjoy it at the beach or in the car. There are also cold coconuts, which are chilled coconuts drilled to get to the cold milk.

All of this is created by the cook and owner Susan. Each dish at Savage Shrimp is cooked to order so you are guaranteed a hot fresh meal. She is only open a few hours for lunch. We went mid-week a few times but due to the carefree nature of Hawaii we can’t guarantee specific days of the week she will be open. This is all in the spirit of being in Hawaii, so enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea.  When it is available, you can eat all the shrimp you want! *Original post by David MacCarthy*

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John McClanaghan

December 14th, 2008

Saw the review and made the decision to go there when I visited Kauai. As I drove from the airport to our condo I saw a white truck with “Savage Shrimp” 50 feet from our condo! What luck! The next day I went there for lunch and talked with Susan. Very nice.

And the garlic shrimp… excellent! The smell of garlic just floats on the trade winds and makes your mouth water. If you are on the south shore you really should make it a point to eat here at least once. You won’t regret it!

Prices were up from the previous review:
Bahia Shrimp – $11.00
Garlic Shrimp Scampi – $11.50

Portion size was enough to fill me up: about 10-12 shrimp on top of a decent portion of rice and some coleslaw on the side. It fills up the paper plate it’s served on.

Susan had seats set up but I took it back to the condo to eat. It only took her a few minutes to prepare my plate and serve it up hot. Another thing to note is that the truck moved from the location noted in the previous review. It’s now next to Prince Kuhio resort on Lawai Road.


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