Rockstar Bagels

Review by: Sara Griffith Dawson

One steamy June morning in Austin, Texas, we awoke FAMISHED and quickly realized our fridge contained only an unsightly combination of ketchup, onions, and pasta. We had heard from various friends about a walk-up bagel restaurant on the Eastside that made its bagels from scratch each day, and realized this was the perfect time to give it a try. Our life hasn’t been the same since our first visit to Rockstar Bagels.

The place was founded in spring 2009 by drummer Joe Humel and has taken off in popularity due to affordable bagel delivery services and the fact that over fifty Austin restaurants serve Rockstar bagels as part of their menus. Most of all, Rockstar Bagels gains new customers through word of mouth. How can you visit a local bagel spot making hot, fresh, traditional New York-style bagels each day of the week and NOT let your buddies know how good it is?

Rockstar Bagels is a tiny walk-up area where hungry customers place orders for a bagel, a bagel sandwich, a pizza bagel, and hot coffee or a cool beverage. Comfortable colored patio chairs sit alongside the ordering area and a large hand-painted mural featuring an astronaut touching his heart gazing at a larger-than-life everything bagel reads “You’re my everything.”

Lox with the Works is a classic: the bagel of your choice (I went with an everything bagel), cream cheese of your choice (I ordered plain), smoked Novi lox from an Austin seafood market, tomato slices, crunchy red onions, and capers. Bite after bite is a medley of delicious, bagel-surrounded flavor.

For something less traditional and southwestern in character, how about a jalapeno cheddar bagel with savory smoked brisket and a hearty layer of melted cheddar cheese? The jalapeno cheddar bagel has just the right amount of spice and is unbelievably fresh in both taste and feel. The brisket is juicy and tender, and the gooey cheddar brings the whole sandwich together to create one incredible meal.

Next time you wake up hungry, grab your friends, bring your appetite, and head to Rockstar Bagels.

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Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel with Brisket and Melted Cheddar

The Lox with the Works


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