Rock’s Family Diner

Review by: Michael Stern

A St. John River Valley beacon since 1945, Rock’s is Fort Kent’s go-to place for three meals a day. Take-out is popular; if you plan to eat here, service is eat-in-the-rough. Walk in, study the wall menu, place your order and pay. Then find a seat. In a short while, out comes a member of the staff with your cheeseburger, chili dog, sandwich, or hot-lunch plate.

The burgers are ingenuous short-order patties that get squished hard on the grill; but they are fatty enough to be full-flavored and juicy. A single is fine, but if you’ve got a big meat craving, go for a double. Cheese, bacon, and pizza sauce are possible toppings. On the side of any meal, fried potatoes are a must. Seven versions are available: jo-jo’s, curly fries, plain fries, fries topped with gravy, hamburger or Italian sauce, or as a classic mix (aka poutine): potatoes heaped with mozzarella cheese and dark brown gravy.

A case up front and the counter are arrayed with all kinds of kitschy, made-here desserts, including turtle cheesecake, Rice Krispie concoctions, an array of oversized cookies, and some mighty fine whoopie pies. (The diner will ship its whoopie pies.)

What To Eat


Fry Mix

Spice Cake

Pot Roast


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