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It has been nearly seven decades since George and Mary Charles opened their little downtown Raleigh dog house, where the motto is “We burn ’em for you.” That means that the hot dogs are cooked on a grill until their skin begins to blister. Exactly how blistered is up to each customer. Degree of burn is one of a very limited number of choices here, the other being condiments: mustard, onions, chili, or cole slaw. We like them all, especially the combo of slaw (which is tangy, not sweet) atop soulful chili, which add an irresistible one-two punch to a nearly blackened hot dog. Beyond toppings, few decisions need be made. There are no potato chips or side dishes, no tea, and no coffee except during the annual Christmas parade. The entire menu, not counting candy, gum and cigarettes, is hot dogs, soda, and beer, plus pound cake and baklava. The hot dogs are presented on wax paper. There are no plates, and no need for utensils.

What to Eat
Roast Grill, Hot Dog
Hot Dog
Two of Roast Grill's finest! The front one is chili and coleslaw, while the back one is chili, mustard, and onion.
Directions and Hours
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Monday11 am - 4 pm
Tuesday11 am - 4 pm
Wednesday11 am - 4 pm
Thursday11 am - 4 pm
Friday11 am - 4 pm
Saturday11 am - 4 pm
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