Rhoda’s Famous Tamales

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Worth driving from anywhere!

The name of Rhoda Adams’ café is no lie. The tamales are delicious, and well deserving of the fame they have earned up and down the Mississippi Delta. She makes them with a combination of beef and chicken; the meats combined with steamy cornmeal are wrapped in husks that when unfolded emanate an irresistibly appetizing aroma.

Beyond tamales, the menu at James and Rhoda Adams’ little eat-place by the side of the road is a roster of great, soulful regional specialties. For fried chicken or pigs feet, pork barbecue or catfish dinner, you won’t do better for miles around. Early one morning Rhoda made us breakfast of bacon and eggs with biscuits on the side. Even this simple meal tasted especially wonderful. Rhoda is one of those gifted cooks who makes everything she touches something special.

We’ve always considered Arkansas one of America’s top-seven pie states (along with Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, and Maine). Rhoda’s pies are proof. She makes small individual ones as well as full-sizers. Sweet potato pie and pecan pie are world-class.

What to Eat
Rhoda’s Famous Tamales, Hot Tamales
Hot Tamales
Rhoda Adams wasn't there on the day of my visit, so my food choices were limited to tamales and burgers. With tamales this good, I wasn't complaining!
Rhoda’s Famous Tamales, Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Rhoda's bakery case is proof that Arkansas is one of America's top pie-producing states. That's a full-size sweet potato pie in the foreground. In the background are individual lemon meringue and coconut custard pies. Superb!
Rhoda’s Famous Tamales, Cupcake
We took a few of these homey cupcakes to eat as we traveled south along the river. When they were gone, we wished we had bought more...
Rhoda’s Famous Tamales, Breakfast
Even a basic ham-'n'-egg breakfast at Rhoda's sings with soulful flavor.
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