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Review by: Michael Stern

Montana Avenue in Billings is something of a restaurant row with trendy places drawing people back downtown for dinner. One of the stalwarts in the area for many years was the Rex, an old hotel dining room. The Rex has become Butcher Block Prime Steakhouse, a modern version of what once was. Accommodations are dark and clubby, all varnished wood, brass, raw brick, and cut glass under an old stamped tin ceiling.

Beef is king here, and the prime rib we had was one of the best around: thick, juice-laden, and full-flavored. We were introduced to the Rex many years ago by a local saddle maker whose doctor had told him he needed to eat less beef, so he ordered cream-sauced pasta, which looked to us like it was richer than a ribeye steak!

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Steve Warren

March 3rd, 2007

The Rex is a wonderful restaurant. The food is great and the atmosphere nice. I have spent many an enjoyable evening here.

Some “non-food” items to consider: the restaurant itself is fine, but for my taste, the tables are too close together. If you want a romantic, private conversation with your date, think about dining in the bar. Try to get a table by the window, as the sidewalk traffic is almost dinner theater on its own. The dining room proper offers no privacy, and the ambient noise makes it very difficult to hold a conversation even if you don’t mind sharing details with the tables on either side of you.

Here’s an off-the-wall recommendation: make it a point to use the men’s bathroom downstairs. The urinals appear to be carved out of solid marble and I’d bet they are at least a hundred years old. They stand about four feet tall and are close to two-and-a-half feet wide. On more than one occassion, I’ve taken my date downstairs to check them out. After a cursory “recon” to make sure the room is empty, the women seem as impressed as I.


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