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It takes a diehard Roadfood devotee to drive along Oakhurst Street in Clarksdale, spy Ramon’s, and think, “My, what an excellent-looking place to eat.” It is, to understate the point, a less-than-handsome restaurant far off the beaten path in a residential neighborhood. The savvy tipster who took us there, Roger Stolle, described going to Ramon’s “like eating in a small Florida restaurant from the 1970s … but with serious roof problems.” Roger explained that local lore says Thomas and Barbara Ely, the couple who run it, rent the building for a dollar a month, so there’s no real incentive for them (or the owner) to repair or renovate. Tables are bare, chairs are mismatched. Still, there is some serious effort to make the dump charming: empty fifths of Jack Daniel’s and 3-liter jugs of Taylor Chablis have been made into decorative lamps all around the two dining rooms.

Roger said his favorite thing to eat was a plate of chicken livers and spaghetti, but he also said that any of the fried things on the menu were great. We got a full order of a dozen fried butterflied shrimp, each of which was the size of a moon pie. What a feast! Ramon’s onion rings are big and luscious; and Roger was right: the fried chicken livers are sensational: unspeakably rich, luxuriously crunchy, and filling beyond all measure.

What to Eat
Ramon’s, Onion Rings
Onion Rings
Big, oily hoops of crisp-fried onion make a good appetizer or side dish for a plate of fried (or non-fried) food.
Ramon’s, Jumbo Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp
Each shrimp in this immense order is a several-bite proposition.
Ramon’s, Chicken Livers & Spaghetti
Chicken Livers & Spaghetti
The Italian influence is huge in Mississippi Delta cooking; and spaghetti is an excellent foil for the house specialty, fried chicken livers.
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9 stops | 192 MILES | 3 hr 49 min

The magic of Highway 61 from Graceland down deep into the Mississippi Delta, through cotton fields and past speck-on-the-map small towns, is all about the blues. You might be singing them if you walk away from the casinos of Tunica with empty pockets, and you can hear them sung by the masters in juke joints…

5 stops | 196 MILES | 3 hr 56 min

It's a Roadfood thrill to find a memorable meal in a place that looks like an irredeemable dive. No state has so many such treasures as Mississippi, where some of the very best food is served in restaurants with well-aged, tumbledown ambience. The destinations on this tour scrupulously maintain their divey looks, but what's on…

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