Quickway Diner

Review by: Michael Stern

The Quickway is a round-the-clock diner, a used car lot, and an ice cream stand. It is run by Mr. Teek & Vee Persaud, two characters whose likenesses appear on billboards along Route 17, and whose slogan is Take it from Teek, take it from Vee, The Quickway Diner is the Place to Be!

We can’t argue with these guys. Route 17 is not a real appetite-friendly road; and the Quickway can be counted on, any time of night or day, for a darn good meal. The menu is huge, featuring generous breakfasts with handsome muffins on the side and whole rosters of sandwiches and hot meals. We like the hot roast beef sandwich at lunch: quality meat, good gravy, and real mashed potatoes. The “house salad” is in fact a fine Greek salad loaded with feta cheese and briny Calamata olives.

As you enter, you can choose between a dining room straight ahead and an old-fashioned diner area to the right. We prefer the latter, with its counter and booths and virtually instantaneous service. Between these two areas is the pastry case, filled with baroque cakes and pies guaranteed to induce sugar shock.

What To Eat

Hot Roast Beef

House Salad

French Onion Soup


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