Quaker Diner

Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

The Quaker is a diner for diner lovers. The brick-exterior little restaurant was built in 1931 by Aristides “Harry” Bassilakis, and the diner appears little changed from those early days (there’s a 1930s photo of the Quaker floating around on the net, and you’d be hard-pressed to identify any physical changes). It is run today by descendents of Mr. Bassilakis.

Step inside to the classic diner configuration: a row of tables along the left wall, a row of counter stools to the right, tiny tile flooring, grill behind the counter. The walls are adorned with classic old toys. We enjoyed breakfast at the counter, where we chatted with our friendly server/cook. The chili cheddar omelet she brought is notable for the truly fiery chili adorning the eggs, while the home fries omelet actually incorporates the potatoes into the eggs.

Truth be told, we won’t make the claim that the Quaker will knock your breakfast socks off. These are comfortable diner eats, nothing more. But if you are a diner aficionado, the Quaker will knock your diner socks off.

What To Eat

Chili Cheddar Omlete


Quaker Diner Recipes


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